About Us

Alberta Fine Leathers provides a distinct collection of practical and fashion items for the discerning buyer.
Our Alberta-based manufacturer has been in the leather industry for decades and is committed to the production of superior leather products.
Our products are available in distressed (buffalo) leather, bison and select items in premium cowhide.

Is it Buffalo or Bison?

The American buffalo is not a true Buffalo. Its closest relative is the European Bison or Wisent. Scientifically, the American Buffalo is named Bison and belongs to the Bovidae family of mammals as do domestic cattle. Because our history has now ingrained the name “Buffalo” in us, we still use it – although “Bison” and “Buffalo “are used interchangeably more and more.
Many more water Buffalo (the true Buffalo) and water Buffalo products have recently found their way into the American markets. This has caused the bison industry to rethink the term Buffalo being applied to our “Bison” products. Therefore the U.S. National Bison Association and the national Canadian Bison Association are encouraging all Bison producers and Bison marketers to use the name Bison to avoid confusion with the water Buffalo, and to help inform the public that Bison is indeed the American Buffalo they know and love.